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Legal issues can seem overwhelming. A DUI can cause serious damage in your life, potentially leading to the loss of your license and causing untold problems. If you drive for a living or rely on a CDL, it may cost you your job. It could lead to increased insurance expenses and, in some cases, time in jail.

Family law matters can be equally disturbing and disrupting. A divorce can upend your life, and paying child support or spousal support can be daunting. Similarly, if you have children, your child custody arrangements are significant and will affect your life for years to come.

Representing Clients With DUI, Child Custody And Many Other Legal Issues

No matter the legal issue you face, you want experienced, knowledgeable advice. Our attorney, P. Scott De Bruin, has practiced law in the Lynchburg area since 1987. Our firm represents clients dealing with a wide variety of criminal law, family law and civil litigation matters.

  • Criminal law: we handle traffic violations, reckless driving, speeding, DUIs, and driving under the influence matters, drug possession and distribution and all serious felonies and misdemeanors.
  • Family law: we represent clients with divorce, child custody, marital agreements, maternity, child visitation and support, and grandparents' rights.
  • Civil litigation: we assist clients with a range of general legal matters, including personal injury, construction litigation, lemon law issues and wills in Virginia.