Child Custody/Visitation

The Best Interests Of The Children

That is the standard that most family courts use throughout the country, including Virginia. You love your children and you want to do what is best, but dealing with the courts and your children's other parent can be emotionally difficult and confusing. Matters of child custody and visitation can be contentious, and you want experienced legal guidance to help you truly meet that best interests standard.

P. Scott De Bruin can help. Our lawyer has practiced family law in Lynchburg since 1987, and he understands the concerns and fears of parents when it comes to custody arrangements and visitation rights. He can explain how the law is applied in cases like yours and the types of arguments you need to make to achieve that best interests standard.

What Type Of Custody?

Will you have shared or sole custody? The trend is clearly for joint or shared custody, but such a plan can be complex, especially for young children. Because every custody situation is different, there is no "one-size-fits-all" parenting plan. You want an attorney like P. Scott De Bruin to help you work through the options and negotiations necessary to create a parenting plan and visitation schedule that work for your children.

Dealing With Social Services?

Abuse and neglect cases involving Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS) can be overwhelming for the parents. Our attorney represents parents in these cases and can help you work to keep your children. Anyone being investigated by DSS should contact an attorney before speaking with the social workers from the agency.

Contact Us For Help With Custody Issues

Child custody and other family law issues can be complex and difficult enough on their own without the overlay of emotional upset that often accompanies these matters. Our attorney can provide the calm, understanding guidance you need to make it through your case and move on to a brighter future. Call us at 434-338-7078 or use our online form.